Our Services

VIP Oriental Rug provides superior rug cleaning for handmade oriental rugs. These fine rugs can be delicate to handle, so choosing a professional cleaner that specializes in Oriental rug cleaning is essential to preserve the quality of your rug. We perform rug cleaning services as well as rug repairs.

The care we take in the rugs we clean is evident in the work we do.

We specialize in Oriental Rug Cleaning and Oriental Rug Repairs for Dallas, TX. These fine rugs need a professional hand to clean them in order to maintain the integrity of the craftsmanship while removing dirt and stains. We combine our rug-cleaning experience along with our in-depth knowledge of oriental rug work and careful attention to detail to bring you superior rug-cleaning results. We make sure your oriental rugs last long and stay as beautiful as when you first purchased them.


Our unique system for cleaning valuable rugs uses traditional methods and washing each one individually.
The cleaning process begins with the evaluation of each rug to determine what special attention is needed based
on dye used, and rug material.
Then the rug is vacuumed to remove all dust and dirt from inside the fibers. Then before being immersed in water
to further help pull out the lodged dirt and dust, we color test the rug for bleeding.
Then the rug is pre-spotted to remove or loosen spots and stains.
It is again soaked with cold water, fringes are scrubbed by hand, and the front of the rug is thoroughly washed by
hand with our special and natural Oriental rug shampoo.
The rug is rinsed and placed on a pole to air dry in the sun naturally. Fringes are rinsed again midway through the
drying process.
Then the rug is brushed to push up the pile and re-hung to dry completely. When the rug has dried, both front and
back sides are vacuumed and the fringes are brushed.

Repair & Restoration

Keeping your rugs maintained and repaired is essential to protecting your investment. We can identify what is
necessary to enhance the value of your rug. Our expert repair includes the following services:
• Reweaving – from moth holes, tears, wear
• Fringe – add, repair, remove
• Overcasting of ends
• Color touch-up
• Fugitive color removal
• Patching

Other Services

• Pad – Custom cut; keeps rug stationary, protects rug from wear & traffic patterns (deluxe or basic)
• Stair and hall runners – rug sales and installation are available
• Buy and consign antique and semi antique rugs – We will evaluate rugs of any size and condition
• Carpet binding and surging
• Rug resizing and binding
• Pickup and delivery – throughout the Dallas area. Cleaning charges are based on rug square footage
• Custom borders for carpets
• Stretching/blocking
• Moth Treatment – Eradicates moths, carpet beetles, etc.
• Deodorizing – Enzyme treatment that kills bacteria and odor and neutralizes acids
• Scotch-guarding – Protects rug from excessive dirt and stains
• Appraisals – Informal (verbal) and Formal (writ

We cleaning all rugs!

Why Biodegradable Shampoo? There is no single item in your home that children and pets come into contact with more frequently than your rugs. Many rug cleaners in the market today use chemicals and machines with very strong components and they also wash many rugs together blending allergens and dirt from multiple rugs. These chemicals have been linked to central nervous system, kidney & liver disorders whereas our biodegradable shampoos are environmentally friendly hand have no negative effects on our rives, plants, ozone or wildlife; it is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and has no artificial fragrance making it safe and healthy for your family.