The care we take in the rugs we clean is evident in the work we do.

As specialists in rug care, we understand the differences between Oriental rug care and general rugs. To accommodate those differences, we use the most advanced in-plant cleaning process tailored to fit the individual needs of each rug, providing the most comprehensive way of caring for your investment. We combine our rug-cleaning experience along with our in-depth knowledge of oriental rug work and careful attention to detail to bring you superior rug-cleaning results.

We offer our decades of experience in Oriental rug cleaning and repair with the classic method of immersion washing to deep-clean the rugs using biodegradable shampoo under a continuous flow of water, combined with a neutral cleaning agent that massages deep in the fiber; this helps to remove all contaminants and prevents them from resettling on the rug. We make sure your oriental rugs last long and stay as beautiful as when you first purchased them.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Dye Testing - this step is very important to protecting the color of the rug.
  • We use a safe alkaline shampoo, and we wash the rugs by hand (no machines).
  • All repairs and cleaning are done IN-HOUSE which means we never out source our work.
  • Decades of experience in Oriental Rug Cleaning and repair.